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Formed in December 2017, DETER began blending ambient guitar passages with hard-hitting riffs and melancholic vocals. Having released their debut LP ‘Wither & Fade’ in May 2019 the band quickly established themselves as a consistently energetic yet emotionally vulnerable addition to the Glasgow music scene. This saw the band granted various opportunities to work alongside DF Concerts supporting the likes of SHVPES, Orchards and Tigress, the latter of these bands DETER would also join in Liverpool as part of Freshblood Festival. After various line-up changes DETER had eventually moved towards a sound that combined elements of Modern Emo and Post-Hardcore reminiscent of bands such as Casey, Counterparts, Movements and Acres. With much anticipation the band released a new single entitled 'Iniquity': Produced by Kieran Smith of To Kill Achilles.

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